June sixth have a little cool

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June sixth have a little cool
Yesterday I repair my computer ,it ‘s a happy thing. I can use it for study ,playing game and write diary. I use too many time on it ,about one month age ,dad bring it from old home ,and I very happy can use it .but only several day ,it had been broken, first the mouse can’t be work ,then the keyboard begin walkout , and when I open the compute, I can hear a very harshness voice. So I should be repair it .but I have use many way , to buy a USB keyboard and mouse, but still like before, I try to install different system ,like 98and 2000. but I fail, so I guess the main board have some mangle, but I haven’t courage to repair it because it didn’t like software ,when I install a error soft I can uninstall it and replace it with other soft, I feel very despair. When Dad asks me don’t play computer too night ,I told him it had been broken .he said lay it away and wait for our house to completion. then start to repair it .then I know only one way to do ,it’s that repair main board. Then I use a small screwdriver to pry three IC, it ‘s haven’t any terror voice. And can enter system but not found any input device. The current system is 2000, I thought that must be install USB drive ,that I went Mubing ‘s hostel to borrow his computer to install it yesterday. But I found his computer have problem too. So sad at that time .then I had been give up. I want to go to five floor to washing. That I found brother ‘s computer never take to his new house . I very happy ,I have chance to change my computer system at that time .so I come back to hostel to take my hard disk and CD-ROM(because my brother ‘s CD-ROM had been broken. Then I install WINXP on my hard disk, when I bring it to my computer ,waiting for some minute. I can enter system as usual. And it can be found out USB mouse and keyboard. I feel very happy ,very very happy .
When I write down the word on top . I feel very tire ,so I want to have a rest ,but the Liao engineer call me for work ,so I go to factory to work.
I feel very tire ,so I sleep some times just now . and Abing calls me for some thing about Yeyong. He said Yeyong haven’t money now ,so they want to borrow one hundred to him ,and he asks me to borrow he ,too. To a good friends of him ,I must do something for him ,so I thought to give he one hundred . so I can not buy desk this month.
I decide to buy it next month.


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