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Dear Sir or Madam, The period of IMXH.COM.RU domain registration ends on 30-OCT-2011. The registrant of the domain is LI XIANFENG, contract 1060250/NIC-D. If you plan to continue using the IMXH.COM.RU domain name, you should make a yearly renewal of the registration, that is pay the “IMXH.COM.RU domain registration renewal” service fee. The service fee is 14.2 USD (including taxes). If the fee is not paid till 30-OCT-2011, then from 31-OCT-2011 the domain will be suspended, and after 28-JAN-2012 the domain will be deleted and open for registration for anyone. The personal account of the contract 1060250/NIC-D as of 30-SEP-2011 has a balance of: 0 USD. If your personal account is short of funds to cover the service, you should recharge it. You can choose the most convenient way to make payments on in the “Prices and Payments” – “Payment Procedures” section. Please pay special attention to instant payment options. In the “Manage your account” – “Services” – “Renew services” section on you can: – learn about services with pending renewal; – cancel domain name registration renewal. In that case the domain name expiration notices will not be sent any more, the funds will not be debited from the Personal account and the domain will not be renewed; – resume your approval for service renewal; – renew the domain name registration in advance, without waiting for 30-OCT-2011. In that case the IMXH.COM.RU domain registration will be instantly renewed till 30-OCT-2012. Your personal account update is available at in the “Manage your account” – “Payment” – “Account balance” section. If there is enough money on the account of the contract 1060250/NIC-D, then on 22-OCT-2011, 8 days before the payment period ends, the 14.2 USD sum will be allocated, and the 29-OCT-2011 will be debited, after that the domain registration will be renewed for the next accounting period till 30-OCT-2012. The service renewal order is described on —Best regards,RU-CENTER Customer Servicee-mail: ru-bill@nic.ruphones: 7 (495) 994-46-01 7 (495) 737-06-018 800 100-46-01 (for Russian regions)


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